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We are excited about accomplishing our goals, dreams, and reinventing our destiny by being on the cutting edge of the emerging trends in the marketplace. The neatest aspect of our enterprise is that we actually have a hand in helping other people impact their desired futures.  Today, social media and networking is proving to be more of a lucrative opportunity than just a passing trend. Social websites like MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube are growing at an astonishing rate and experts predict that many people will be using social networking as their primary means of communication.  Now, more than ever, we are uniquely positioned to capitalize on the best of both worlds: personal entrepreneurship and the emerging business phenomenon - Social Commerce.  We look forward to speaking with you again.


 Myra's Boutique 
 Myra is a certified skin cosmetic analyst and registered GLOW Skin System Analyst.


The best aspect that we see now is to totally understand how we may be of assistance in helping you accomplish the goals with posssible solutions from our mentorship / partnership business system.   


 Luis experience as former D1 Intercollegiate athlete, coach in Youth Leagues, High School, and College athletics along  with his personal association with "Nutrilite, the world's No.1 selling vitamins and dietary supplements brand.*"

*Source Euromonitor International Limited; Vitamins and Dietary Supplements, World, Retail value RSP, 2010.
Provides excellent credibility to  
SASTOQUE's Wellness Place.

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